World Of Sweets

From 1848 to present, families from Northern New Jersey have enjoyed fresh dairy products from the farm that has come to be known as Applegate Farm. Located fifteen minutes west of New York City, one can step back into time when you visit Applegate Farm. You can see the original farm house that saw many slaves to freedom during the Civil War, as well as an authentic tile silo, one of three built in New Jersey in 1919. With its reputation and notoriety, Applegate Farm has survived the Civil War, The Great Depression, and two World Wars. To this day people travel miles to enjoy the nostalgia and charm that Applegate Farm offers.

Up until the late 1800’s, the farm was owned and operated by the Sigler family. The farm was known for its quality Golden Guernsey milk products. It wasn’t until the late 1800’s that the farm was taken over by Mr. Julian Tinkham. Julian Tinkham had the tenacity to preserve the nineteenth century farm atmosphere.
Frank Oliver joined Tinkham in the late 1920’s with many new ideas. Mr. Oliver did much experimentation to perfect the first ice cream cone at Applegate Farm.

“Sweet scoops of the Past”

As the word spread and customers arrived, Mr. Oliver and crew created new flavors, Applegate Farm blossomed, as did Oliver’s family. Just before to W.W.II, Oliver hired his son-in-law, Donald Littlefield, as a driver. A hard working Donald delivered served ice cream to the public for decades. Donald, being an ambitious businessman, was always looking to expand the business. Moving swiftly into the wholesale market, Donald introduced many new items into bakeries and markets throughout the metropolitan area.